Surprise, AZ Marley Park Toddler Portraits

  • Last Thursday, I was asked to photograph this little girl name Cassie. She and her family were here visiting from Colorado. They were here to see her grandmother in Surprise, AZ. Her mother Jessica called and asked me to photograph Cassie, it was for her 2 yr. photo. I have three small grandkids myself so photographing little ones is fun and challenging!


    I suggested Marley Park to Cassie’s mom, so Cassie could be herself wander around, do some posing and not stuck in front of a backdrop. Little ones can be more expressive, have fun and be themselves outside. Natural light creates beautiful shots.

    It was such a pleasure to photograph Cassie, she is very outgoing, 2 yr. old, not afraid of anything. She was willing to tackle any toy in this Surprise park. I have done a couple sessions here and a wedding last year at the Marley Park community center, with was beautiful. The weather in Phoenix is starting to cool off and at 4pm it was not hot at all.


    She took on even the twisted climbing bars that some 8 yr olds won’t climb up or hang on.

    She wasn’t afraid of any of the toys, it took her a little bit to warm up, she was not sure why this lady was following her around she didn’t know talking to her, but when she started laughing and giggling she was just adorable. Beautiful eyes and the cutest grin!untitled-147-221


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