Stephanie Herbst wrote about “Getting Engaged” 

If you’ve just gotten engaged, then congratulations! It’s time to start planning, announcing, and getting things prepared for your wedding journey.

Some good advice, sit down put it into your computer, make lists, talk to lots of different people, vendors, interview, ask questions and meet with people.  Don’t just make a phone call to vendors and ask prices, it isn’t going to get you anywhere without putting a face with that number.  Think about the dollar, but think about your wedding, your family, friends and most of all your memories for  you and your future husband.

What do you both want for that special day, the one you will celebrate the rest of your lives together?  It’s easy to get caught up in all the pre-hoopla, telling everyone, announcing it finding a venue, the dress, music, caterer, bakery, dj, photographer and so on. It is like standing in the yard and holding the hoola hoop then sending it around you, seriously.  You are trying to keep this thing going around you and yet you can’t get anything done.  Wedding preparations will consume and engulf you, there is so much to do, even if your not getting married till next year.  If you don’t hire a wedding consulting company or wedding coordinator, think seriously about a “Day Of Wedding Coordinator” it’s going to take the stress off you and all the wedding party and immediate family.

I’m a wedding photographer and I’ve seen many weddings where the bride is doing it all the day off, on the job wedding coordinator training in a wedding dress is not fun. I’ve coordinated weddings while being the photographer, I don’t mind but it sometimes will interfere with my job of getting the wedding photographs.  I’ve chased catering people, DJ’s, bakers, you name it.  

If you have someone who has done the finalizing on your wedding and will be there the day of to help things go smoothly, it will give you all the time to relax and enjoy your day with your husband, family and friends!



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