I thought I might do a few blogs on “Wedding Day Photo Tips,” some brides will ask me some of these things and other times I’ve seen some of the struggles at pre-ceremony photo shoots.  I’ve arrived and the brides gets into her gown and everyone looks confused!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve helped lace/button a gown or helped to “bustle” a train.

 For starters, focus on your skin.  Facial shine will be, picked up by the camera, so a little powder or a towel is advisable to minimize that shine.  Typically, a little makeup and a light power works well for women.  Many brides hire a professional make-up artist to do their make-up for the wedding.  If you want to splurge, hire a make-up artist, someone who knows how to do makeup for weddings.  Hiring someone who has the experience with doing make-up for weddings will know what to do, to accommodate for flash photography and lighting.  It might cost a little bit, but will be well worth it in the long run years down the line in your photographs.  Professional make-up persons have worked on brides and wedding parties before and know the lighting, different skin tones and how to deal with them.

For colors, it is ideal if all parties in the photo wear solid, and consistent tones.  Too many colors/tones or even one odd pattern can be very distracting in the photos.  Choose clothing in the same color range so that no single member of a family or group stands out.  Darker tones are slimming and work well with darker backgrounds or settings.  Middle and lighter colors work well for outdoor photography.  Really bright colors can wash out the images.  

Colors are not usually an issue for the wedding party, but for family photos at the wedding or reception, these are great tips to keep in mind. 

If anyone wears glasses in the wedding party or family, it is best if you can remove them for the portraits to reduce glare.”

“The smallest adjustments in posture can make such a huge difference!  Try these simple tips and ideas for a slimming effect:

– Turn your body to a 45 degree angle from the camera
– Lift your chin slightly up and out
– Put all of your weight on your back leg
– Lean in a little with your chest

These are little things, we don’t think of but make it much easier and quicker to get the photographs you really want as your keepsakes.ImageCammi, was lucky on her day, she had some great help from family and friends.



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