Wedding Flowers

As I thought about what to write, watching all the weddings I started to think about the flowers in all the weddings.

Wedding’s, Vendors and “Flowers”

Couples planning weddings are finding out “it isn’t a cheap affair” in anyway.  Couples are becoming price contentious and watching their budgets.  Weddings are expensive, everyone asks a vendor “why is it or they so expensive.”  With florists its “why are the brides and maids bouquets so expensive, they are just flowers!”  Florists all explain to customers or educate them;

  1. Most if not 90% of all flower verities are not native to  this country, they are flown in from places like; South America, Hawaii and Holland and others even further away. Flowers are shipped freight cost, which is “cost per flower” not at a “gross weight”, the freight is added on every flower!
  2. Flowers are fragile and delicate; they are considered a “raw” material.  They have to go through a lot of hands before the “florist” who ordered them even touches them. They require a lot of care and attention and a wholesaler receives them and prepares them before the florist even sees them.  The more “exotic” the flower is the more it costs.
  3. Good florists will try to recommend floral that is seasonal and abundant but the amount of flowers and varieties will determine what the cost and the look of your bouquet will be.  The more exotic (fancy) flowers you want the more they cost.
  4. Flowers are delicate; they need to be handled by a professional who knows how to care for them and work with them who can design your bouquets. Wedding bouquets are custom, each one is different and requires skill to achieve the look the brides wants.
  5. All of the finishing touches, ribbons, lace, beading, pearls or other embellishments are added to personalize each brides bouquet and look.

This takes time and skills, most of us do not possess.  Keep in mind seasons and holidays dictate costs of these flowers, are you going to have your bouquet persevered as a showpiece, think of that also. Many brides do, but it is not overly cheap either and must be done not long after the ceremony to keep the freshness in the flowers.

Before this last weekend’s wedding I photographed, the 4 weddings before that had silk arrangements for the bride and bridesmaids, they are pretty, won’t die, but they have no smell to them that is the one drawback.

When a bride walks down the aisle, you can smell the flowers as they all go by in the bouquets.  I love photographing all the beautiful arrangements and bouquets, sometimes you can’t tell the live from the silks, until you are right in front of them or holding them.  Some of the arrangements/bouquets look so real but they were silks. Many brides make their own bouquets with silks using books or the internet to achieve the design they want.

Some are simple and some can be very extravagant!


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